About William Bradley, III

Over my ten years in social media marketing, I have discovered one fundamental truth. Authenticity reigns supreme. A lot of brands see the virality, big reach, massive followings and want to chase the numbers. I am here to help you capture the audience. To remind you that consumers are too smart and well-informed for tricks. If you want your brand to have a permanent place in your customer's top of mind, then I am your guy.

Outside of work, I am an avid creator, regular improv class attendee, diligent son, brother, and friend.  I am usually playing video games, dragging myself to the gym or trying to convince myself 31 isn't too old for TikTok fame (it is). My goals for the next year are to own a dog, visit Europe and to discover what my brand of wine is.


My Latest Projects

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I worked with Reading International to help them establish an infrastructure for social media, implement a paid social media strategy, align with their internal sales goals and metrics and develop a baseline for reporting and analytics. In short, we were starting from scratch. By establishing a structure that leveraged existing assets we were able to cerate content that increased followership of their flagship theater 40% from 10/1 to 11/1. We also reactivated a dead facebook page and we able to generate 120% of their YTD sales in just 6 weeks.  

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My job with Harbor Freight Tools was to help boost their sales funnel by capturing new audiences and driving them to the existing website. I took their existing assets and created some of my own to focus on developing an Instagram feed that felt very unique to the tool enthusiast. In the first 6 weeks, we grew their audience 65%, I started to share assets with the email team so that they could mirror our posts and as a result, the open rate increased 34%   and website bounce rate decreased 55%. This is all in addition to being able to run traffic ads from Instagram with a CPR of $.34, almost $1 less than their previous average CPR of $1.21.

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